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Desert Mountain Estates

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Alamogordo, NM 88310

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"I absolutely love Desert Mountain Estates.  I recommend the community to all the newcomers that I meet working at Holloman AFB.  As a single mother, safety is a priority and I feel safe living there.  It is very clean and quiet!  Mr. Richard the property manager is very friendly and someone to count on if anything was to happen at the property.  I plan on living at Desert Mountain Estates as long as I am working in Alamogordo.  One of the best places I have lived at since being a resident at Holloman since 2010."  

JacquLynn, U.S. Air Force 

"Desert mountain estates is one of the most friendly communities you might have the pleasure of being apart of.  They take pride in the property and it shows.  It's clean, quiet, and a place you can truly call home."

Crystal, U.S. Air Force

"I have very much enjoyed living in this community.  It is safe, clean, and the people are friendly.  I live in the new 2 bedroom homes and have had no issues with anything about it.  I LOVE that I was able to have my dogs here since they are so important to me and help me feel safe in my home. The high number of militaty folks in the community shows a great support for Holloman.  Overall it is a great community and I highly recommend this place."

Mariah, School for the Blind 

"We LOVE Desert Mountain Estates!  We come from living on base where all the houses are the same.  You don't get much choice living on base.  They just stick you in a house based off of rank.  One thing I love about this neighborhood is that we were offered homes from 2 bedrooms up to 4.  Some houses had carpet, some had laminate flooring.  Some even had fireplaces!  It was so nice to be able to pick the perfect house for us.  One of the larger 3/2 styles with BEAUTIFUL laminate flooring.  What I love most about MY home is that it feels like some here I could live for years and years to come.  We are comfortable here and have no desire to move when our contract is over.  I love my garden bath tub, my HUGE kitchen, and my over sized living room that is perfect for entertaining.  My favorite thing about the community is the fact that everyone has to under go a background check.  I trust my neighbors.  It is also a very quiet neighborhood, even with all the construction going on!  The way y'all do business is amazing.  I feel like part of the "family."  I know Richard is only a text away and he always waves when I drive by.  Even the maintenence guy is very kind!  I am always recommending this community to others!  I work on base with many of the Airmen who are still in dorms.  I always tell them to check the neighborhood out before they get stuck in the outdated apartments in town.  There's really nowhere else in town like this place!  We would love to come back to this community if the Air Force sends us back this way!  Like I said, we have no desire to leave!  Thank you all for providing us with a beautiful home to love during our time here at Holloman!!"

Kristina, Holloman AFB

"We love living here!  Richard is a great manager here and the maintanance is SO PROMPT!!!!!  It's amazing how quickly they come to fix an issue!!!  The homes are very clean.  We have a 3 bedroom 2 bath that is 735 per month.  Appliances are updated and backyard is good for our dog to just go to the bathroom.  It is a dog friendly place which is really rare to find. A lot of people who live in the homes are military. ...we love living here. Thank you!!"

Emily, First American Bank

"We moved our family to Desert Mountain Estates for the military community and unbeatable rates.  It was such a welcome surprise to find that they offered two, three, and four bedroom homes!  Our chosen unit did not yet have a fenced yard installed, but they quickly built one for us and our two dogs.  The maintenance crew are always just a phone call away, arrive quickly, and are courteous.  The office staff do everything within their power to answer any questions or issues, too.  The community overlooks the beautiful Sacramento Mountains, which creates a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere.  We could not have found a better place to live in Alamogordo!"

Michael & Amy, U.S. Air Force  

"Desert Mountain Estates is a great community to live in.  Military friendly, affordable prices, and Mr. Richard, the property manager, is great at answering any questions, and very prompt at responding to any needs.  The maintenance crew are very quick to respond as well and super friendly.  We have been living here a few months, and never felt more at home.  Everyone is so friendly, the area feels so safe, very clean, and we love the fact that we are able to have our pets with us!  I would definitely recommend living in these houses to anyone.  They vary anywhere from 1,2,3,4 bedrooms and have fenced in backyards, as well as fireplaces!  We live in a 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, it is comfortable enough for us, and our 2 dogs.  The houses are built so fast, and with great designs.  My boyfriend is stationed in Holloman AFB, and I work there as well.  Being 5 minutes away from base was AMAZING.  The area is also very kid friendly.  You see children playing in the streets, people walking with their dogs, and every time someone passes by, a smile and a wave are always given.  We just love the way the community always comes together.  For example, our dog ran away once, and we had almost everyone in the community volunteer to help us find her, and we sure did.  We definitely plan on sticking around the community for as long as we are here!!!"

Julia & Terry, Child & Youth Day Center / U.S. Air Force 

"Desert Mountain Estates is a great community to live in.  Being a service member it's very convenient to be close to base so I can work as well as not being too far away from town for errands as well, so location is great for the Alamogordo area.  It's a nice quiet community and have no complaints for bad neighbors.  Great backyard for my dogs it's perfect and I enjoy the fencing and the privacy.  The homes are comfortable to live in, I see my family and I staying here for a few more years.  I have and will continue to recommend this community to anybody looking for a home."

Eddie, U.S. Air Force 

"I very much enjoy Desert Mountain Estates!  It is a great neighborhood.  And the homes are just that, Homes!  So pretty and spacious.  I would definitely recommend this area to friends and family.  This place has made my transition to NM so easy and comfortable.  I love it here."

Gus, U.S. Air Force 

"We were renting a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home from you all.  It was spacious and up to date.  The park is quiet and very well maintained.  Richard, Kelly and the other staff on site are always polite and extremely helpful.  If something went wrong or needed fixing, it was taken care of promptly.  The community is a lovely area for kids of all ages.  We thank you all for everything you did for us this last year and will highly recommend you to any family and friends.  Thanks again for making an afford community in Alamogordo, NM." 

Larry, Student / Veteran U.S. Air Force 

"We loved living at Desert Mountain Estates.  Everyone kept to themselves, there was no noise problems, and when you went on a walk others were nice enough to wave or say hi.  We wished that we could have brought our house with us when we moved, we loved it that much.  It was a gorgeous home and definitely worth the price.  I hate that we didn't get to live in the community very long before we got orders, but it happens in the military life.  We referred people all the time to the community, and still do even though we no longer live in New Mexico.  The management was great as well.  If we had a problem it was solved quickly.  Overall, we were very satisfied with the community."

Keisha, Homemaker  

"I would just like to say living at Desert Mountain Estates was a great experience.  I chose Desert Mountain based on location, and the price of rent helped me save money.  The houses are nice, and the neighborhood was very clean and quiet.  The staff was super flexible with me on my moving dates and I really appreciate that! I would definitely recommend Desert Mountain to my friends.  Thank you!"

Joseph, SSgt U.S. Air Force 

"I love that this community is quiet but alive at the same Time.  My home was clean when I moved in and the staff is great.  Any time I have had an issue with the home, there was always someone there within 10 minutes to come and fix it.  When my A/C and heater were broken, they got it fixed quickly.  My favorite thing about the community is that it is close to base, and the staff is very helpful, nice, and willing to help.  I would definitely recommend it. I always tell my friends who are moving off base about it and how wonderful it is to live out here, especially for Military families.  I would definately live in this community again!  The landlords are hard working and treat us like they care instead of just another tenant."

Kathryn, U.S. Air Force  

"What makes your community unique is the hospitality and extra mile your property managers go to make us (Air Force members) welcomed. They made me feel like I was special and deserving of a V.I.P treatment.  Richard and staff were very helpful with me moving in.  I was having a financial hardship as I was in the middle of a divorce and paying 1,200 a month house.  Richard was very helpful and patient with me and my situation.  I would not have been able to move in had it not been for his and his staffs assistance.  Very appreciative.  What pleases me about living here is the proximity to base and town, we are right in the middle of both areas.  I have recommended Desert Mountains to co-workers and friends...and if given the opportunity I would live here again.  I failed to mention the "bend-over backwards" approach I get from the maintenance team to any of my maintenance concerns or needs.  Kelly and Trish are always available and willing to get things done for me.  Those two are top notch.  Thank you."

Ed, U.S. Air Force 

"It's been a pleasure living in this community. It is very clean and safe. The houses are built well, the staff are all nice, and we look forward to living here longer."

Jacob, Village of Ruidoso 

"I'd have to say my living experience at the Desert Mountain Estates is overall excellent! Not only are the staff friendly and if there's an issue, it is taken care of almost immediately.  The community is quite so it's great when I was working the night shift and having to sleep during the day.  The house itself is splendid, during the summer the house was nice and cool, and now that it's winter the house is nice and warm.  I am very satisfied with my living arrangements at Desert Mountain Estates, and I'll definitely be recommending them to my friends and coworkers."

Craig, U.S. Air Force

"The Desert Mountain Estates Community is the perfect place to live if you work at HAFB.  Not only is it a short drive to base but the prices can't be beat for someone relying on BAH.  Whats most important to me though is management and this place has the best.  Anytime I have had an issue or needed something fixed it has always been addressed the same day.  The management and maintenance team rock!"

Brittany, U.S. Air Force 

"This is a wonderful community that has proved to be what my family needs.  It's close to base and Alamogordo without being too close to either.  It's a small community and the price is perfect.  The houses and surrounding area are well kept.  I recommend Desert Mountain Estates to anyone new to the area looking for a comfortable, well-priced home."

Emely, U.S. Air Force 

"Myself and my family really do enjoy Desert Mountain Estates.  We have and will continue to recommend friends and family to join this community.  We love that we have direct contact with Mr. Richard and Ms. Trish.  They are both so friendly.  Maintenance crew is also very helpful, and always there on demand.  We enjoy the quite yet beautiful community.  We love it here."

Alexandra, Homemaker 

"The location of Desert Mountain Estates is what appealed to us the most.  It is very important for us to live near Holloman AFB, and on typical days, the drive from our house to the front gate takes only 8-9 minutes.  The home itself is exceptional and meets all of the standard living needs.  We thoroughly enjoy living in house vs an apartment.  It is spacious and the price is very reasonable for the area.  In town, most of apartment complexes charge the same, if not more, and do not offer the same comforts of living in a house.  We would definitely recommend Desert Mountain Estates to others.  If we ever move back to the Alamogordo area we will definitely choose to live in one of these homes again."

Bradly, U.S. Air Force 

"I would highly recommend to anyone that they stay at Desert Mountain Estates during there stay in the Alamogordo/Holloman area.  During our short time there the entire management and ownership team worked very graciously and professionally with us.  We were impressed with how they were willing to work with us.  The maintenance staff was always courteous and helpful.  The on-site management were pleasant and professional.  The way in which the staff does business with the military members was very understanding of our unique circumstances.  The location was great for working at Holloman and still being close enough to Alamogordo to visit friends, be involved with church and other activities in town.  If we were to stay in the Alamogordo New Mexico area again, I would certainly stay with the friendly folks at the Desert Mountain Estates." 

James, Officer, U.S. Air Force 


"I appreciate that everyone whom works for Desert Mountain Estates has been kind, pleasant to do business with, easy to talk to, and overall caring with any questions or concerns the residents have :).  The value of the home for the rent price was a huge draw.  It allowed my family and I to live in comfort while on a budget."    

Sarah, Student/Homemaker